Who benefits from the adoption of A-SPEC?

  • Asset Owners
  • Asset Managers
  • Asset Builders
  • Asset Designers
  • Asset Software Vendors

The correct data is captured once, and all parties know what is expected of them—clear responsibility, efficient processes.


Consistency, Confidence, Efficiency

How does A-SPEC deliver value?

  • A-SPEC eliminates duplication of effort involved in the capturing of ‘As Constructed’ data.  Data is captured to an agreed standard in terms of content and structure, providing significant savings to those providing the data and those receiving the data.
  • A-SPEC streamlines the flow of data into knowledge to support better and more informed decision making.
  • Manage assets in a manner that reduces costs associated with capital works and ongoing maintenance. 
  • Improved process efficiency in accepting and processing lodgements and in checking existing data against design criteria and/or design plans.
  • Improved customer service to both internal and external users of asset information.
  • Improved quality of information to support audit and financial requirements as well as operational and business needs.
  • Increased efficiency of information access resulting in greater customer satisfaction and confidence in providing answers to consultants, developers and prospective residents.