Why A-Spec?

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A-SPEC is a suite of data specifications supporting the delivery of digital data relating to infrastructure assets.

A-SPEC provides certainty that the correct data is captured in the correct format - streamlining processes related to the capture, validation and usage of infrastructure information.

A-SPEC delivers benefits to all participants involved in the commissioning, designing, building and maintaining infrastructure assets through providing the basis for a consistent and efficient approach to the supply of digital 'As-Constructed' data.


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A-SPEC contains generic information common for all specifications and is to be used as a 'partner' document for all the other specifications. 

B-Spec outlines the specifications for the delivery of digital data relating to Buildings Assets.


D-Spec outlines the specifications for digital files containing drainage data: pipe, pit, property connections and Water Sensitive Design Elements (WSUD).


O-Spec outlines the specifications for digital data of Public Open Space and Recreation assets.


R-Spec outlines the specifications for digital data of authorities' assets within the Road Reserve.


S-Spec outlines the specifications for digital data containing sewerage/waste water asset data.


T-Spec outlines the specifications for the collection of digital data relating to optical fibre/telecommunications assets. It is planned to further develop it from its current format within d-spec.


W-Spec outlines the specifications for digital data containing Water supply assets.



The key objective of the specifications is to record and provide 'As Constructed' digital data in a GIS ready format to the A-SPEC Consortium Members.

The A-SPEC suite of specifications have been created in close consultation with A-SPEC Community members and directly addresses the needs of the A-SPEC Community.

The A-SPEC Community comprises a growing consortium of 50+ Local Authorities across Australia and New Zealand using the A-SPEC standard specifications. Including 15 of 25 Growth Area Councils in Australia who have identified A-SPEC as the preferred method of engagement with industry.

Any modification or enhancement to any of the A-SPEC specifications is controlled by clear governance arrangements and change management protocols that includes consultation with the A-SPEC Community. This collective approach to the specifications ensures all Consortium Members' interests are taken into account in the specification evolution process. Enhancements are driven by the user Community for the user Community.

Keeping in mind that all changes to the specifications are subject to approval by the A-SPEC Community, a proposed Roadmap outlining the ongoing development of A-SPEC is here.

Current A-SPEC Versions

Specification Version Published Date
A-SPEC V1.0 14/3/2017
B-Spec V1.2.0 7/8/2017
D-Spec V8.1.0 1/2/2017
O-Spec V2.6.0 1/3/2017
R-Spec V2.6.0 1/2/2017
S-Spec V1.1.0 1/3/2017
W-Spec V1.1.0 1/3/2017


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