W-Spec reference material


The new W-Spec (V2.0.5) and the associated A-SPEC Requirements (V2.0.5) documents are now available for download. These will be referred to for the following.

  • new subdivision developments
  • capital works projects
  • capture of existing assets

Please note that we have provided a Change Log indicating the changes that have occurred between the previous version and the current version for each specification. This includes the incorporation of the previously published Addendums. This can be downloaded here.

The previous version of W-Spec is V2.0.1 and was published 15 November 2018.

Information common to all the A-SPEC specifications is contained in the A-SPEC Introduction & Overview Requirements document. It is to be read and used in conjunction with all A-SPEC data specifications.

CURRENT - As Constructed - Valid from 31 May 2019

Download the CURRENT W-Spec Specification Version 2.0.5 Final here

Download the CURRENT W-Spec Version 2.0.5 Spreadsheet here

Download the CURRENT W-Spec Sample Data (Shapefile) here


Download the CURRENT A-SPEC Requirements Document 2.0.5 Final here

Download the CURRENT A-SPEC Harmonised Codelist Version 1.0.5 Distributed 06/06/2019 here


CURRENT - Existing Asset Capture Specification

Download the CURRENT W-Spec Specification for Existing Assets Version 1.0.5 here

Download the CURRENT W-Spec Specification for Existing Assets Version 1.0.5 spreadsheet here.



Download the previous W-Spec Specification Version 2.0.1 Final here

Download the previous W-Spec Version 2.0.1 Spreadsheet here

Download the previous W-Spec Sample Data (Shapefile) here

Download the previous A-SPEC Requirements Document 2.0.1 Final here

Download the previous A-SPEC Harmonised Codelist Version 1.0.1 Distributed 06/03/2019 here

PREVIOUS - CODELIST ADDENDUM - (incorporated into current version)

CODELIST Addendum No 3 - 06/03/2019 here

PREVIOUS - Already Constructed Standard Specification

Download the W-Spec Already Constructed Standard Specification Version 1.0.0 here.

Download the W-Spec Already Constructed Standard Specification Version 1.0.0 spreadsheet here.